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Understanding Different Types of Collisions

A car accident attorney may litigate many different types of collisions. Collisions may be categorized according to the types of vehicles involved, such as commercial trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, and auto accidents. They can also be classified according to how many vehicles were involved. A single-vehicle accident may involve a car or motorcycle veering off the road and striking a utility pole or other object. A multi-vehicle accident involves at least two vehicles. In these cases, accident attorneys may determine that multiple drivers were at fault.

An auto accident attorney can also classify collisions according to how they occurred. For example, rear-end collisions often occur when a driver follows another vehicle too closely and cannot brake in time to avoid striking that vehicle. In these cases, the accident injury lawyer will almost always sue the driver who was following too closely. Similarly, head-on collisions occur when the front ends of two vehicles strike each other. Side-impact collisions occur when the front end of one car strikes the side of another car.

At the Auto Accident Law Firm of Kevin Paul Childers, our accident lawyers in Centreville, VA, routinely handle all types of vehicular accident cases. Accident victims can call us at (703) 330-6300 to claim a free case review.

The Link Between Aggressive Driving and Accidents

Aggressive driving is so prevalent in the U.S. that some states, including Virginia, have passed laws regarding it. Virginia law defines aggressive driving as having the intent to injure, harass, intimidate, or obstruct another driver while committing a moving offense. After an auto accident, it’s important to inform your car accident lawyer about any factors that may have contributed to the crash, including aggressive driving.

Identifying Forms of Aggressive Driving

There are many possible forms of aggressive driving. At first blush, some manifestations of aggressive driving may be mistaken for negligent driving, such as speeding or making an improper turn. However, when a driver commits these mistakes while intending to intimidate or harass another driver, a car accident lawyer may hold him or her liable for aggressive driving. Virginia law recognizes the following behaviors as constituting aggressive driving when combined with the intent to harass or intimidate:

  • Driving outside of marked lanes

  • Failing to obey a traffic control device

  • Failing to yield right of way

  • Speeding

  • Stopping on a highway

  • Failing to drive on the right side of the highway

  • Following too closely

  • Passing on the right side

  • Failure to yield when entering a roadway

Defining Road Rage

The terms “aggressive driving” and “road rage” are often used interchangeably. However, road rage may be defined as a subset of aggressive driving. It can occur when a traffic incident leads to a physical assault with the use of a car as a weapon. The assault may target a person or the person’s property. Although an accident injury lawyer will usually file a lawsuit on the basis of negligence, he or she may sometimes bring evidence that establishes the other driver’s actions as being intentional, as with the case of road rage.

If you’ve been the victim of an aggressive driver, the auto accident injury lawyer at the Auto Accident Law Firm of Kevin Paul Childers can help you explore your options for recovering compensation. Our car accident lawyer in Manassas, VA, is pleased to offer free case analyses to accident victims and their family members. Contact our law firm at (703) 330-6300 without delay.

Understanding Insurance Procedures After a Car Accident

Dealing with insurance carriers regarding auto accident claims can be a hassle. You may wish to have accident attorneys manage your claim for you. A car accident lawyer can help you preserve your right to pursue compensation, such as by substantiating your claim with evidence of the crash. For instance, your car accident lawyer may advise you to take photographs of the accident scene, the damage to the vehicles, and your injuries.

For more helpful tips, watch this interview with an insurance consultant. He explains that when drivers exchange their insurance information, this act is not an admission of fault on behalf of either driver.

To get help from an auto accident attorney serving Herndon, VA, contact the Auto Accident Law Firm of Kevin Paul Childers at (703) 330-6300. Our accident injury lawyer offers complimentary consultations to auto accident victims.

What Are Your Rights if You Are Injured by a Drunk Driver?

Drunk driving is a criminal offense. This means that if the drunk driver is apprehended, he or she will almost certainly be charged with driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). As your car accident lawyer can inform you, these criminal charges will proceed separately from any civil claims filed against the driver. In other words, even if the driver is not convicted of criminal charges, your auto accident injury lawyer may still hold him or her liable for your injuries.

Settlement Offers

After you’ve been injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver, the other driver’s insurance carrier may contact you to offer a settlement. This settlement offer is intended to compensate you for your losses, which may include property damage and lost wages in addition to your medical expenses. You should know that you are not obligated to accept this offer. It’s in your best interests to contact a car accident lawyer, who can advise you if the settlement is unjustly low. Remember not to sign any waivers or other insurance paperwork until discussing the matter with your accident attorneys.


If the settlement offer is inadequate, you have the right to file a civil lawsuit against the drunk driver. Depending on the circumstances, your accident lawyer may name other defendants, such as an individual or entity that provided alcohol to the drunk driver.

Uninsured Drunk Drivers

Even if the drunk driver lacked auto insurance coverage or was underinsured, you still have the right to seek compensation for your injuries. Your auto accident lawyer may bring a claim against a third-party defendant or against your own insurance company.

The accident injury lawyer at the Auto Accident Law Firm of Kevin Paul Childers provides effective legal representation for victims of drunk drivers. For more than 25 years, our auto accident lawyer near Prince William County, VA, has helped clients secure the compensation they need to move forward with their lives. Call us today at (703) 330-6300 to discuss your legal rights after an auto accident.

Defensive Driving Tips

If you sustain injuries in an auto accident, an auto accident attorney can represent your interests. For instance, accident lawyers can negotiate with the insurance company. However, it’s certainly preferable to avoid a crash altogether. Some ways to practice defensive driving include avoiding all forms of distraction while driving, monitoring traffic patterns continuously, and avoiding getting behind the wheel while impaired.

Your accident injury lawyer is also likely to recommend that you drive with an appropriate “space cushion” around your car. To learn about space cushions, watch this video. It explains how space cushions can help you react appropriately to traffic hazards.

If you or a loved one is in need of effective advocacy services from a car accident lawyer in Prince William County, VA, you can turn to the Auto Accident Law Firm of Kevin Paul Childers. Call (703) 330-6300 today to discuss pursuing a personal injury claim with help from our car accident attorney.

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