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A Look at Liability Issues After Commercial Truck Accidents

Victims of commercial truck accidents shouldn’t have to pay for losses that occurred through no fault of their own. This is where an auto accident attorney can help. When filing a lawsuit, a truck accident lawyer seeks to hold one or more parties liable for the victim’s losses. The legal concept of liability simply means that a court of law has determined that a party is legally responsible for damages. A party that is found liable can be required to compensate the plaintiff.

Which Parties Might Be Named as Defendants?

In a typical car accident, determining liability is often a straightforward process. Usually, a driver may be held accountable for disobeying the rules of the road or otherwise driving negligently. However, truck accidents can be much more complex. Unlike a car accident in which the other driver also owned the car, a truck accident may involve a separate owner, leasing company, and employer. Additionally, errors in loading the truck may have contributed to the accident, in which case the company responsible for loading the big rig might be named as a defendant.

Is the Truck Driver Ever a Defendant?

It is certainly possible for a truck driver to be named as a defendant in a lawsuit; however, the defendants are usually the companies that hired the truck driver. Sometimes, a truck driver is an independent contractor who does not have a formal employer. In these cases, the truck accident lawyer will likely sue the truck driver and possibly the owner or leasing company of the truck.

Why Is the Cause of the Accident Important?

Before filing a lawsuit against any party, the truck accident attorney must first determine the causes of the crash. He or she will review all the evidence, including the police report and eye witness statements. The causes of the truck accident can directly influence whether other defendants may be named. For example, if the truck’s brakes malfunctioned, the company that manufactured the brakes may be sued.

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