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    What to Expect from the Personal Injury Claims Process

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Have you been injured due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness? If so, you have the right to file a personal injury claim to receive compensation for your pain, suffering, and financial hardships.

    When you hire an auto accident attorney, he or she will mail a notice of representation to the person responsible for your injury and to that person’s insurance company. From then on, these individuals must contact your attorney and are not allowed to contact you directly. Your lawyer will review the accident information and all of your medical documents to evaluate your case. Many accident cases are settled out of court, but if a settlement is not reached, your case will go to trial. Watch this video to find out more.

    If you have additional questions or concerns, contact an auto accident attorney. In Woodbridge, VA, the Auto Accident Law Firm of Kevin Paul Childers has been helping accident victims recover for their injuries for almost 20 years. Call (703) 330-6300 to schedule a consultation.

    Learn More About Auto and Motorcycle Accident Injuries

    Last updated 1 year ago

    To speak with an attorney about your injuries and your right to receive compensation, call the Auto Accident Law Firm of Kevin Paul Childers at (703) 330-6300.

    The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles posts data about motorcycle crashes and provides information about registrations, injuries, and fatalities.

    In addition to providing information about motorcycle crash statistics, this page from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers safety tips for riders.

    Traumatic brain injuries are often seen following an auto accident, and these injuries can vary significantly in severity. Find out more with this article from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

    To learn more about the mechanisms of a traumatic brain injury, visit this page from

    This article from the National Institutes of Health provides further details about the differences between primary and secondary brain injuries.

    A Look at How Airbags Work in an Accident

    Last updated 1 year ago

    A serious car crash is everyone’s nightmare. Fortunately, vehicle safety features have become more and more commonplace in recent years. As you will see in this video, airbags are one of the safety features that can increase your chance of walking away from an auto accident.

    Each airbag in your car is connected to an electrical cable, a sensor, and a tiny computer. Your vehicle’s movements are converted into signals which are sent to the computer, and a violent impact or deceleration will cause the airbag to deploy. After filling with nitrogen gas four times faster than you can blink, the airbag will deflate to allow you to regain control of the vehicle.

    If your airbag did not work properly during a crash, contact the Auto Accident Law Firm of Kevin Paul Childers at (703) 330-6300. We focus on helping auto accident victims in Northern Virginia and can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

    Understanding the Mechanics of a Traumatic Brain Injury

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Traumatic brain injuries are often the result of serious auto accidents. The brain itself is a delicate structure and a traumatic brain injury can actually cause many types of health problems. The following is a brief overview of the mechanics of traumatic brain injuries. Be sure to seek medical attention and consult an attorney if you believe you have been seriously injured in an auto accident.

    Primary Injury

    Your brain is a soft, gelatinous structure that is protected by your skull. There are several primary injuries that can occur the moment you are involved in an accident. These include contusions, lacerations, cranial nerve injuries, and diffuse axonal injuries. A contusion is a bruise in your brain and can occur due to a low-velocity impact. The frontal lobe, which is responsible for judgment and reasoning, is often bruised during auto accidents. Diffuse axonal injuries are responsible for the initial loss of consciousness following a traumatic brain injury, and they occur because different parts of the brain have different densities. These parts move at different speeds during a collision, causing tearing throughout the brain.

    Secondary Injury

    Secondary brain injuries occur after the initial damage from the accident. You will usually see symptoms of these injuries within 24 hours of the accident, but they may occur up to 10 days following your injury. Secondary injuries are generally the result of chemicals that are released in the brain which cause swelling and additional complications. Common injuries include intracranial hemorrhaging, brain swelling, infections, anemia, hypotension, and seizures.

    If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury in an auto accident, you should seek immediate medical attention and contact an accident attorney. At the Auto Accident Law Firm of Kevin Paul Childers, we focus on helping accident victims recover the compensation they deserve after being injured due to another person’s negligence, recklessness, or carelessness. To schedule a consultation, call our Woodbridge, VA office at (703) 330-6300.

    Examining the Leading Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Each year, thousands of Americans are treated for motorcycle-related accident injuries. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of another person, you may be entitled to compensation. Continue reading to learn about some of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents and how you can avoid them.

    Cars Turning Left

    One of the leading causes of accidents involving motorcycles is automobiles making left-hand turns. The turning car will often strike the motorcycle when it is going straight through an intersection or passing the car.

    Motorcycles Splitting Lanes

    Motorcyclists often drive between two lanes of cars, referred to as lane splitting, to bypass traffic. This is a common cause of motorcycle accidents because of how close the motorcycle comes to cars. The fact that automobile drivers generally do not anticipate this action makes it especially risky.

    Driver Error

    As with other types of motorized vehicles, operator error accounts for a significant number of motorcycle accidents. Errors can include everything from speeding and being under the influence of alcohol to overcorrecting. Not reacting appropriately to roadway conditions and missing road signs are also examples of driver error.

    Road Hazards

    Motorcycles provide minimal protection against road hazards. Potholes, dead animals, uneven pavement, debris, and weather conditions can all affect the roadway and make driving more dangerous for motorcyclists.

    Hostile Actions

    Most drivers have been guilty of aggressive driving at some point. While hostile actions on the road are a risk to all drivers, they are particularly hazardous for motorcyclists. Common examples of aggressive driving that result in motorcycle accidents include following too closely behind a motorcycle, stopping suddenly, and swerving between lanes.

    Have you or a loved one been involved in an accident? Contact the Auto Accident Law Firm of Kevin Paul Childers in Woodbridge by calling (703) 330-6300. By speaking with an auto accident attorney, you can learn more about your right to compensation and begin the recovery process.

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