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TBI and Auto Accidents

Headache from Traumatic Brain InjurtThe majority of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are caused by auto accidents. When the skull strikes a surface, the brain may forcefully collide against the skull, causing severe bruising and bleeding to the brain. If the victim of a car accident suffers a TBI, an auto accident attorney can seek reimbursement for the victim’s financial and emotional damages.

In a personal injury lawsuit, an accident lawyer will ask medical professionals to evaluate the severity of the victim’s TBI. Medical professionals will give their expert opinion as to the victim’s symptoms, prognosis, and how the TBI will affect his current job prospects, quality of life, and livelihood. This information will be used to award a monetary damage to the victim, to be paid by the person who was at fault for the auto accident.

If you’re in need of an auto accident attorney in Prince William County, VA, come see us at the Auto Accident Law Firm of Kevin Paul Childers. Kevin Childers, P.C., has 20 years of experience fighting for his clients’ rights to the best personal injury settlements possible. To make an appointment with our firm, call us today at (703) 330-6300.

How Are Facial Scars After Accidents Treated?

Scarred Face from Auto AccidentIf the victim in a personal injury matter or auto accident suffered a facial scar, an accident injury lawyer will request financial and emotional damages in a lawsuit against the at-fault party. A facial scar is considered a permanent or residual injury, and can affect the amount of your financial award if you win your lawsuit. Here is some helpful information about what factors will affect your financial award for facial scarring.

Is the Scar Large?
Large scars often result in higher awards when a personal injury claim is presented to the court. Any scar on the face or neck is considered visible enough that the amount of financial and emotional damages awarded will increase. Even if a facial scar is small, an accident lawyer can argue that it is not concealable and causes emotional distress and embarrassment.

Can the Scar be Removed or Repaired?
Your accident attorney should consult a plastic surgeon or medical professional to determine the cost of a cosmetic procedure to remove or repair the scar. The attorney for the at-fault party may argue that a scar that can be removed via plastic surgery isn’t permanently disfiguring; however, they will still be responsible for paying for the cost of the scar being removed or repaired.

Does the Scar Affect Your Livelihood?
A facial scar can significantly affect the livelihood of people of a certain age or in a certain profession. For instance, an accident lawyer may argue that a young, unmarried woman may experience discrimination and loss of marriage prospects due to a facial scar. A person in a profession that emphasizes beauty, such as an actor or model, may experience a loss of income or permanent job loss due to a facial scar.

If you’ve suffered a facial scar in an auto accident or personal injury matter, come see us at the Auto Accident Law Firm of Kevin Paul Childers. Kevin Childers has 20 years of experience as an accident attorney in Prince William County, VA. To schedule an appointment, call our office today at (703) 330-6300.

Safe Cornering on a Motorcycle

It’s very easy to be the victim of a motorcycle accident, as auto and truck drivers may drive negligently and not notice a smaller vehicle in their path. To avoid having to solicit the services of a motorcycle accident attorney, you can follow certain safety guidelines when on your motorcycle.

Watch this video to learn a safe cornering technique while riding your motorcycle. Executing this technique safely will reduce your risk of getting into a dangerous motorcycle accident.

If you’ve been the victim of a motorcycle accident, contact the Auto Accident Law Firm of Kevin Paul Childers. Kevin Childers, P.C., is an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Prince William County, VA. To make an appointment with our firm, call us today at (703) 330-6300.

Answers to Questions About Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Wrongful Death Lawsuit in ManassasA wrongful death lawsuit is a claim filed against someone who is legally at fault for the death of another through negligence or intentional harm. The suit is filed by a wrongful death attorney or auto accident attorney, on behalf of the survivors of the victim. Here are some answers to common questions about wrongful death lawsuits.

Under What Circumstances is a Wrongful Death Claim Applicable?
An accident attorney has legal grounds on which to file a claim against someone who has been found legally liable for the death of another. The death can be the result of intentional harm against the victim, medical malpractice, an auto accident, or any other situation in which negligence or intentional harm can be proven.

What Must a Wrongful Death Attorney Prove?
For the estate of the deceased to be awarded damages, a wrongful death attorney must prove that the deceased’s death was the direct result of negligence or intentional harm inflicted by the defendant. The wrongful death attorney must also establish that the death caused financial and emotional damages to the deceased’s relatives or survivors that equal the amount of money demanded from the defendant.

How Are Damages Awarded?
A judge or a jury awards damages in a wrongful death claim. The monetary amount of this award is determined by financial damages, such as medical costs, funeral and burial costs, and loss of income or inheritance. Monetary awards can also be assigned to emotional damages, such as the pain and suffering of the deceased prior to death, and loss of care, guidance, love, services, or companionship that would have been provided by the deceased.

If you’re looking for legal advice regarding a wrongful death claim, visit us at Auto Accident Law Firm of Kevin Paul Childers. Kevin Childers, P.C. has been a wrongful death attorney in Prince William County, VA for 20 years. He fights diligently for the rights of his clients in personal injury cases, and is committed to winning them the best settlements possible. To schedule an appointment with our firm, call us today at (703) 330-6300.

Recognizing Kneecap Injuries After a Car Accident

Recognizing Kneecap Injuries After a Car AccidentCar accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents can result in a wide variety of injuries. Some injuries may not cause symptoms for weeks or even months after your accident. This is why it is so important to retain an accident attorney or car accident lawyer if you plan on filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Knee injuries are very common following a car accident. There are many different forms of knee injuries, including kneecap damage, ligament damage, and fractures. If you’re suffering from pain, stiffness, mobility issues, or other discomfort in your knees after an auto accident, call an accident attorney immediately. You should visit a hospital or physician’s office for diagnostic testing to determine the extent of your injuries.

At the Auto Accident Law Firm of Kevin Paul Childers, we employ experienced auto accident lawyers in Prince William County, VA. To talk to a highly qualified accident attorney at our firm about your auto accident, call us today at (703) 330-6300.

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